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The following is a list of our Board members for the term 2019-23

Sr. No. Name Sex Designation Address Age
O1. Rev. Lalkhamlien Male Chairman SA Road, CCpur, Manipur 52 yrs
02. Mr. Simon L. Hrangchal Male Secretary Muolvaiphei, CCpur, Manipur. 41 yrs
03. Ms Redeem Lalremsang Female Treasurer Nehru Marg, CCpur, Manipur 46 yrs
04. Ms Lalthomawi Female Member Tipaimukh Road, CCpur, Manipur. 29 yrs
05. Mr. Ngurthanghlieng Male Member Rengkai CCpur, Manipur. 61 yrs
06. Mr. Joseph L. Sungte Male Member Rengkai, CCpur, Manipur. 32 yrs
07. Mr. K. Lienzathang Male Member Nehru Marg, CCpur, Manipur. 71 yrs